TTR Mongolia

Terms & Condition

TTR MONGOLIA is an inbound tourism company in Mongolia. Our registered office is at:

TTR Mongolia
Chingeltei District,
Baruun Selbe Street,
1st Khoroo
Gandirs Complex
2nd Floor 201.

Before you make a reservation, we encourage you to read these Terms and Conditions carefully, as they constitute a contract agreement between you and TTR Mongolia beginning from your first booking. The person who makes the reservation accepts these conditions on behalf of all participants and responsibility for all payments due..


If you only receive a car rental, 30 days prior to the beginning of the tour you must deposit 50% of the market value of the vehicle. After successful completion of the tour, we will refund your deposit completely. If damage occurs during the tour, any necessary repair fees will be deducted from the deposit before being refunded.
It is included following travel utilities:
– GPS, backpack, tent, blanket


After booking on, you will need to follow the following terms and legalities. Ti Ti Ar Em Co.Ltd. will not be liable for any damages, incidents, sicknesses, schedule changes, natural disasters caused by weather and road conditions, or any liability for situations beyond the control of Ti Ti Ar Em Co.Ltd.. As the information of changes, we have the right to correct any errors that may arise on our website. These general order terms may change and we have the right to renew these requirements without notice. The right to compensation is due to loss or damage to one of two persons due to intentional or unintentional act of the traveler. In principle, the two sides will have to decide on the basis of mutual consent, and the law will be taken into consideration as a result of the law of Mongolia.


Please note that individual travel insurance is not included in the tour price and all medical costs and other costs involved must be paid by the client. It is therefore strongly recommended that participants take out personal insurance, especially for the active tours. For example: horse trips, hiking, and snowmobiling.


Suggestions for your future holiday may be posted on the website’s comments section. Please send complaints to and