TTR Mongolia

Volunteer program to teach English to Buddhist monastery




From $180


14 days / 13 nights

Age range

2 to 80

Operated in


Group Tour

Shared acommodation: 90$ per-person/per-day


We offer a variety of NEW AND EXCITING WAYS TO volunteer.
Volunteer in Amarbayasgalant monastery in Mongolia for the experience of a lifetime and teach English. 

Benefits of volunteering at the Amarbayasgalant one of biggest monastery of Mongolia  
There are opportunities to make a difference

  • Life-changing experiences
  • feel and see the real lifestyle of monks
  • Buddhist philosophy and nomadic lifestyle of Mongolia. 
  • Thrilling adventures
  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Learn new skills 
  • Discover Mongolian culture
  • It feels good to give back and help others
  • Enhance creativity 
You will teach English to monks these days and also
You can
  • Study Buddhist philosophy
  • Trekking surrounding wild beautiful nature
  • Do yoga
  • Write a book or blog
  • Have fun time

Only one chance a year. This project is announced only once a year from Monastery.
You will teach English to the monks. At the present moment, 30 monks live here within the age range of 7-80. There is the big number of young monks (13) between the age of 7 and 13, who have for a great part been picked up from orphanages around Mongolia.
We hope our program is unforgettable and can unlock the mysterious world you are looking for.
No matter what project you choose, our friendly Projects Abroad staff will be available to help 24/7. 


Tour Plan

This volunteering program is currently on development